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Ábside Asesores.
+34 91 634 22 00
C/ Puerto de los Leones, 2 - 1ª plta. Oficina 3 B.
28220 Majadahonda (Madrid).

Lawyers and Economists focused on your company's success.

ÁBSIDE ASESORES is a team of lawyers and economists specialised in Labour, Tax, Accounting and International Consultancy services, as well as Legal Advice for companies. Our multidisciplinary approach encourages us to integrate the different areas of Consultancy, resulting in a more effective service.

Our team is made up of graduate professionals, our department heads are post-graduates and, most importantly, they have extensive professional experience in each of their fields of activity.

Our Goal: efficient, comprehensive and customised solutions. We integrate our different Consultancy services depending on your company's needs and culture, in order to thus offer you a tailor-made solution.

We can help you make more efficient use of your resources to make your company more profitable and optimise its management.

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We have the experience and training needed to help you optimise your business' resources.

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