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International Consultancy.

Multiply your business options by opening up to countries abroad with the help of our International Consultancy services.

At ÁBSIDE ASESORES we have developed an important area of service aimed at helping companies work internationally, with numerous success stories and proven experience in Foreign Trade and Corporate Representation.


We help you to overcome the uncertainty, because we know the legislation, the bureaucratic procedures for sending goods and the tax implications this involves:

Intrasat preparation.
ROI registration.
Modalities for sending (CIF, FOB, EXWORK, ETC.).
Cost study.
Customs procedures.
Company registration in other countries.

We perform representation services in third countries, regardless of having a physical presence in them or not, developing such procedures as:

Contract negotiation.
Representation at international bodies.
Settlement of labour disputes.
Review of partnership agreements.
Negotiations with financial institutions.
Opening bank accounts.

In turn, we have extensive experience in complex projects such as global representation at international events such as EXPO Zaragoza 2008 and EXPO Shanghai 2010; and next for Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2015 and EXPO Astana 2017).

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Our mission: the internationalization of your company.

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