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Labour Consultancy.

Labour Consultancy understood from comprehensive and specialised management.

We organise all your information in terms of labour, we structure it and propose the optimal solutions for each case; and then we manage such solutions. Always in touch with you and analysing the implications that might arise with other areas of consultancy (legal, labour, tax or accounting).

Always be up-to-date with the progress of each process and have the peace of mind needed to continue managing your business.

With ÁBSIDE Asesores you will see that comprehensive specialised management managed by lawyers and economists is the most effective way of adapting your company's labour characteristics to increasingly more diversified legislation. How?

  • Preparation of official payslips.
  • Preparation of Payment Notices to Social Security (Mod TC-1) and nominal worker relations (Mod. TC-2).
  • Processing certificates of registration - de-registration - changes of workers (Mod TA-2).
  • Preparation and processing of staff employment contracts.
  • Preparation of certificates of income and deductions for workers' individual persons' tax return.
  • Registration of companies with the General Treasury of Social Security (Mod. TA-6).
  • Legalising and keeping inspection registers.
  • Monthly preparation of studies on the key figures that make up payroll.

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