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Legal Advice.

The expertise and knowledge of our Legal Advice services will enable you to better address your problem in order to solve it.

Both regarding civil, commercial, administrative or labour matters, the permanent legal advice at ABSIDE ASESORES offers you the maximum commitment and involvement in all situations, from prevention to litigation, including attendance in court.

Studying, drafting and reviewing all types of contracts.
Assistance in granting and concluding deeds, policies, agreements and contracts etc. in the presence of a notary public.
Claims for customer non-payments.
Drafting minutes of General Meetings, Boards of Directors, Reports etc.
Extra-judicial debt recovery management.
Drafting all types of applications to the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service.
Legal assistance for the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service.
Administrative claims prior to the exercise of industrial action.
Drafting reports and communications on offences and penalties to company staff
Disciplinary proceedings to staff representatives and works council members.
Appeals against Social Security infractions or Tax Assessments, or against the managing bodies of the same.
Requests and contestations of administrative acts.
Studying and drafting pleadings and statements of acquittal.
Studying and drafting Appeals against administrative acts.
Studying and drafting Appeals for Reconsideration.
Studying and drafting Appeals prior to the exercise of civil actions.
Studying and drafting Appeals for Reconsideration prior to Administrative Economic claims.
Studying and drafting economic-administrative claims.
Our activity in criminal matters is focussed on all actions that include the processing of any criminal case, provided representation is not required in the Courts of such court order, including therein, drafting and filing complaints, appearances at police stations, legal assistance therein, assistance for the detainee in court, etc.

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